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The panel faced criticism from MPs over the "complicated" prescription exemption system

It is “good practice” for pharmacists to “sit down” with patients and explain the prescription exemption process with them, England's chief pharmaceutical officer has said.


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RT @kieraneason: @ChemistDruggist We started charging people who aren't housebound. The result? They come in and collect. People are only demanding them free because pharmacy is providing them free. Even the internet pharmacies will have to charge eventually if they ever want to make money.

3 hours ago

RT @HfxAmanda: @ChemistDruggist It would be an extra administrative burden for us. No easy way of keeping track of who has paid what and when.

4 hours ago

RT @nerual_rose: 💯% no brainer!! Scary that I've seen cases of measles over the past few months. #pharmacists have the skills to provide a service that's both accessible and flexible to deliver MMR #VaccinesWork #ValueofVaccines

5 hours ago

RT @frandavi99: @DFK007 @ChemistDruggist I thought as I typed it I should have said “from a Public Health perspective.” But pharmacy is changing whether we want it to or not. This has potential to help people, bring in income and maintain the view of CP as the accessible HCP on the high street.

5 hours ago

RT @frandavi99: This is very sensible, it’s access not anti vax that is the rate limiting step here.

5 hours ago