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E.g., 24/01/2020
E.g., 24/01/2020
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Dear negotiators at the Department of Health and Social Care, In response to the National Pharmacy Association’s (NPA) letter to Pharmaceutical...
04/07/2019 5
Let’s talk about medicines shortages. Something which only community pharmacists seem to know about, along with their disgruntled patients. GPs think...
14/06/2019 4
For far too long contractors have offered a fantastic service because they could just about afford to. However, recently my pharmacy stopped taking...
01/04/2019 7
As a contractor who never really saw the “good times”, the category M clawbacks have been immensely tough on our business. The recent announcement...
18/03/2019 3
As a contractor, the only thing I’ve done to prepare for the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) is go to a meeting held by my local pharmaceutical...
04/02/2019 9
When I was choosing a career path, I knew it was going to be health-related. However, I was 101% sure it wouldn’t be as a doctor. The thought of...
10/01/2019 8