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E.g., 19/09/2019
E.g., 19/09/2019
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It’s only October and I'm tired. I'm tired and frustrated at having to turn away business in my pharmacy, because I can't order any Fluad vaccines...
24/10/2018 10
As pharmacists, the pressure can be unremitting. But far worse than this is my personal experience of bullying behaviour by a manager. Recently, I...
15/01/2018 14
In part 2 of his series, our anonymous pharmacy technician introduces rucksack guy Type 2: The rucksack guy This happy...
31/10/2012 0
In more than a decade of working in pharmacy I've worked with dozens and dozens of locums, writes an anonymous dispensing assistant. Just...
31/10/2012 0
In part 3 of his series, our anonymous dispensing assistant introduces carrier bag guy Type 3: Carrier bag guy Where to...
29/10/2012 0