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Superintendent pharmacist Dipak Nandha outside Kanset Pharmacy in Ham, south-west London
C+D talks to three community pharmacists about their experiences of investing in digital signage to promote their services and health messages
08/04/2019 3
Ms Kennedy visited a pharmacy in her constituency in 2017. Credit: Joan Mary Burrows
New pharmacy minister Seema Kennedy voted in favour of pharmacists’ shortages powers as well as the pharmacy funding cuts in England.
05/04/2019 1
“Type 1 diabetes is manageable, but this boy has a life-long condition to live with"
A 12-year-old’s visit to a community pharmacy ended in hospital for diabetes type 1 treatment, following the astute observations of a pharmacist
04/04/2019 3
Former pharmacy minister Steve Brine having a mock blood test for hepatitis C in London
C+D follows up on the progress of three community pharmacy pilot schemes to see whether they have a viable path to a permanent future
29/03/2019 0
Mr Brine visited a pharmacy delivering a hepatitis C service last year
Following his resignation from the government over Brexit, C+D looks back at Steve Brine's highlights as pharmacy minister
26/03/2019 1
Researchers: Promote pharmacy services via national campaigns on TV and radio
Unique research has examined how different groups view pharmacy’s services for long-term conditions – and whether they need a marketing overhaul
22/03/2019 4
"The PDA Union has won a big prize with the outcome of the Boots ballot"
What does the outcome of the Boots ballot mean for pharmacists across the sector? C+D speaks to lawyers and pharmacy insiders to find out
12/03/2019 3
Anna Maxwell: Embrace switches to encourage investment in pharmacy
C+D deputy editor Grace Lewis spoke to Anna Maxwell, CEO of medicines switching company Maxwellia, about what makes a successful POM to P change
08/03/2019 2

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