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James Waldron interviewed Anne-Hélène Lebec at the PharmacyForum conference on June 12
C+D's editor James Waldron spoke to an expert on French pharmacies to find out why the UK’s health secretary is such an admirer of this model
05/07/2019 2 Features
Kevin Birch will take over from retail and marketing director Nigel Swift
McKesson UK has appointed former Boots director Kevin Birch to oversee Lloydspharmacy's retail operations.
05/07/2019 1 News
The panel faced criticism from MPs over the "complicated" prescription exemption system
It is “good practice” for pharmacists to “sit down” with patients and explain the prescription exemption process with them, England's chief pharmaceutical officer has said.
05/07/2019 38 News
SLE is a remitting and relapsing illness that presents with non-specific symptoms, such as a rash
What do you know about lupus and the advice you can offer patients about its management?
04/07/2019 0 CPD
After suffering from menopausal symptoms, this patient is hoping you can advise her on hormone replacement therapy
04/07/2019 0 CPD
Pharmacies can’t continue paying mounting wholesaler bills on a shoestring budget, The Contractor warns the government
04/07/2019 5 Views
NHS England guidance for CCGs now lists 25 items which should not be routinely prescribed
NHS England has recommended scrapping hypertension medication aliskiren and six other drugs and items from prescriptions following a public consultation.
04/07/2019 2 News
Boots: Through PSNC, we’re debating funding with the government in a positive way
Boots’ senior management expect the ongoing contract negotiations to result in funding returning to “normal levels” next year, C+D has learned.
04/07/2019 10 News
Nitin Sodha: It has been a pleasure and a privilege
Nitin Sodha has left the board of the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), a month after he stood down as its chair.
03/07/2019 6 News
Xrayser celebrates a pharmacist's appearance on Love Island with a quiz to discover whether you are a viable candidate for the hit ITV show
03/07/2019 0 Views
The campaign will run over five months
Numark has launched a five-month campaign to encourage patients to use their local pharmacy, rather than switch to an online service.
03/07/2019 40 News
Patients will be referred to a participating pharmacy via PharmOutcomes
Pharmacies will be paid £14 for every patient consultation completed following a digital referral from a GP in the next stage of NHS England’s DMIRS pilot.
02/07/2019 12 News
Pharmacy2U’s founder Daniel Lee has left the online company following a “detailed review of the business”, C+D has learned.
02/07/2019 2 News
An anonymous contractor explains he has been forced to refinance his company, cut staff wages and stop saving a pension due to the crippling financial conditions
02/07/2019 10 Views
01/07/2019 0 Company
Boots: Many of the 200 pharmacies earmarked for closure are loss-making
C+D reviews what we know so far about the 200 Boots pharmacies that will close over the next 18 months
01/07/2019 4 News
Phenergan Night Time tablets induce a sedative effect to help patients with insomnia to sleep, manufacturer Sanofi has said.
01/07/2019 0 News
The two companies aim to expand the travel vaccination service across the UK
Rowlands Pharmacy has partnered with a Danish technology and healthcare company to offer private travel vaccination clinics.
01/07/2019 0 News
Legal expert David Reissner explains how changes coming into force today allowing pharmacists to dispense alternative medicines in the event of shortages don’t compel them to do so
01/07/2019 4 Views
C+D's key account manager Dan Linton received the trophy at a central London ceremony last night
C+D's key account manager Dan Linton has been named Digital Sales Person of the Year at the Association of Online Publishers' (AOP) Digital Publishing Awards.
28/06/2019 0 News
With primary care networks (PCNs) going live across England next week, C+D reviews what we know so far about the opportunities for community pharmacy
28/06/2019 4 Features
Contractor: Without stable funding, it's hard to see how we can focus on primary care networks
Enthusiasm among some contractors towards working with primary care networks (PCNs) will remain dampened as long as they are “drowning in cashflow problems”, C+D has heard.
28/06/2019 4 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed concessionary prices for the following 19 items for June 2019 prescriptions.
28/06/2019 0 News
Primary care networks could mark a new age where patients see the right person, but there are two problems that need to be addressed, says GP Toni Hazell
28/06/2019 4 Views
Do you know which conditions affect the ability of the GI tract to absorb nutrients?
27/06/2019 0 CPD
After questioning, you believe a patient is suffering from a serious side effect of his medicine
27/06/2019 0 CPD
Walgreens Boots Alliance: Staff will be redeployed to nearby branches
Boots’ parent company plans to close around 200 branches across the UK over the next 18 months, it announced today.
27/06/2019 17 News
The new Boots branch in Covent Garden, London, opened to the public today
C+D previewed Boots’ “store of the future” yesterday to see how the multiple is experimenting with its offering.
27/06/2019 5 News
An anonymous contractor, writing for C+D for the first time, imagines what it would have taken for Donald Trump to have made a pharmacy detour during his last UK visit
27/06/2019 1 Views
Melatonin 3mg film-coated tablets for jet-lag have been licensed for use in the UK, manufacturer Colonis Pharma has announced.
26/06/2019 2 News
John Nuttall has led the business since 2002
John Nuttall will retire as CEO of Well Pharmacy in September, to be replaced by the president of a diamond retailer.
26/06/2019 10 News
Nat Mitchell vaccinating Labour MP Sue Hayman in September 2018
When vaccine shortages boosted demand for flu jabs, the overordering by one pharmacy helped it to carry the extra workload – but it wasn’t easy
26/06/2019 0 Features
The panel spoke on the importance of community-based healthcare in the NHS
Struggling pharmacies may have to cut more services because they are “just not profitable”, the chief executive of a healthcare provider told the NHS Confederation conference.
26/06/2019 6 News
Melatonin 1mg/ml oral solution for jet-lag has been licensed for use in the UK, manufacturer Colonis Pharma has announced.
25/06/2019 1 News
The Co-operative Group is trialling the lockers in five of its food stores in north-west England
C+D has discovered more details about how the Co-operative Group's prescription collection lockers inside its food stores work in practice.
25/06/2019 15 News
The chain is comprised of 58 18-carat gold panels (credit: Royal Pharmaceutical Society)
A burglar who broke into the RPS building last year has been jailed for 30 months, but the whereabouts of the president’s chain he stole is still unknown.
25/06/2019 0 News
The whole of the pharmacy team can now access GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)’s online educational resources, the manufacturer has announced.
24/06/2019 0 News
The manic pace of community pharmacies caused by dispensing demand and medicines shortages is wasting the skills of pharmacists, says The Locum
24/06/2019 8 Views
Ade Williams and Olutayo Arikawe are in the running for NHS Parliamentary Awards
Ade Williams and Olutayo Arikawe have made the list of 70 teams or individuals in the running for an NHS Parliamentary Award, after being nominated by their MPs.
24/06/2019 1 News
The unbleached bags are made from recycled brown paper with water-based inks
Boots has introduced unbleached paper dispensing bags in 53 pharmacies, in a drive to improve sustainability.
24/06/2019 5 News
Negotiations for the next pharmacy contract should eliminate category M payments, among others, says contractor Hitesh Patel
24/06/2019 3 Views
Seema Kennedy made her first pharmacy appearance at the NPA annual conference
Pharmacies offering a wide range of health services will be “rewarded” in the funding contract for England, pharmacy minister Seema Kennedy has said.
21/06/2019 3 News
CBD products in a glass-fronted cabinet in Bannside Pharmacy, Northern Ireland
With more patients coming to pharmacies for cannabidiol (CBD) and possibly even with prescriptions for medical cannabis, what should your staff tell them?
21/06/2019 6 Features
Matt Hancock: NHS should draw on pharmacists' invaluable human connection with patients
Health secretary Matt Hancock has reiterated his vision for community pharmacies to follow the “French model” of providing more urgent care services.
21/06/2019 11 News
Tim Farron MP visiting a pharmacy in his south Cumbria constituency last year
A former Liberal Democrat leader has urged pharmacy minister Seema Kennedy to introduce a pharmacy protection scheme to prevent further closures.
20/06/2019 2 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed concessionary prices for the following 35 items for June 2019 prescriptions.
20/06/2019 1 News
Pharmacists may be keen to expand their roles, but they are restrained by technology, funding and collaboration with the wider healthcare network, say three interested parties
20/06/2019 1 Features
The acquisition is part of McKesson UK's new digital healthcare strategy
Lloydspharmacy’s parent company McKesson UK has acquired prescription management app Echo, as it “accelerates” its digital healthcare strategy.
19/06/2019 10 News
Pharmacy minister Seema Kennedy has told C+D she hopes to announce details of an “expanded role” for the sector this year.
19/06/2019 5 News
Travel sickness is a common condition, but do you know its symptoms and how to manage them?
19/06/2019 0 CPD
Three pharmaceutical companies exchanged commercially sensitive information to keep prices of antidepressant nortriptyline high, a government watchdog has alleged.
19/06/2019 1 News
C+D editor James Waldron finds much to be positive about in the letter from pharmacy minister Seema Kennedy
19/06/2019 2 Views
What is the pharmacist’s role in protecting females of childbearing potential at risk of exposure to valproate-containing medicines?
19/06/2019 0 CPD
"The decision to implicate community pharmacies without evidence was, in my view, irresponsible"
Last night’s Channel 4 show uncovered a tale of organised crime and diverted medicines, but C+D digital reporter Eliza Slawther disputes its implications for Lloydspharmacy
18/06/2019 14 News
Rekha Shah: Drug users in our pilot said they would prefer to access treatment in a pharmacy
A group of clinicians has called on pharmacy minister Seema Kennedy to amend legislation to allow pharmacies to dispense hepatitis C treatments.
18/06/2019 0 News
NHS England must replace its ‘clinical’ and ‘retail’ pharmacist terminology when differentiating between those with additional training, says GP Toni Hazell
18/06/2019 10 Views
Reporter Antony Barnett is presenting the Dispatches investigation
A Channel 4 programme this evening will reveal how “thousands” of stolen medicines – including for epilepsy and schizophrenia – ended up in pharmacies across the UK.
17/06/2019 14 News
Superdrug offers Botox and dermal fillers from £99 in two stores in London and Manchester
Superdrug has attributed an 84% increase in health service uptake to the introduction of specialist services, including for aesthetic treatments.
17/06/2019 1 News
The Department of Health and Social Care and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed concessionary prices for the following 11 items for June 2019 prescriptions.
17/06/2019 0 News
Community pharmacies are running out of patience with costly medicines shortages and the government needs to take action, says The Contractor
14/06/2019 4 Views