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SLE is a remitting and relapsing illness that presents with non-specific symptoms, such as a rash
What do you know about lupus and the advice you can offer patients about its management?
04/07/2019 0 CPD
After suffering from menopausal symptoms, this patient is hoping you can advise her on hormone replacement therapy
04/07/2019 0 CPD
Do you know which conditions affect the ability of the GI tract to absorb nutrients?
27/06/2019 0 CPD
After questioning, you believe a patient is suffering from a serious side effect of his medicine
27/06/2019 0 CPD
Travel sickness is a common condition, but do you know its symptoms and how to manage them?
19/06/2019 0 CPD
What is the pharmacist’s role in protecting females of childbearing potential at risk of exposure to valproate-containing medicines?
19/06/2019 0 CPD
Nausea and vomiting is a common complaint, but do you know what medications can cause this side effect?
13/06/2019 2 CPD
Do you know which medicines are commonly misused and the difference between a drug's class and schedule?
06/06/2019 0 CPD
What do you know about the treatment options available to treat swollen ankles and the advice you can offer about self-care?
29/05/2019 0 CPD
When is it appropriate for a patient to take codeine to control their pain?
23/05/2019 0 CPD