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How pharmacy teams can differentiate between cold, flu and COVID-19


Patients with flu are at greater risk of COVID-19, a community pharmacist says. Find out how pharmacists can identify symptoms and help prevent the spread of cold and flu


In the first in a series of two podcasts, C+D speaks with Philip Crilly, a relief community pharmacist and senior lecturer at Kingston University, about the differential diagnosis between cold and flu and COVID-19.

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In this podcast, Mr Crilly discusses the typical cold and flu cycles, and what impact COVID-19 may have on this year's cold and flu season.

“We know the symptoms of COVID-19 can cross [over] with cold and flu”, says Mr Crilly. It’s important to educate patients on these symptoms and provide advice, reassurance and self-management advice.

Mr Crilly emphasises the importance of “the elderly and vulnerable” getting the flu vaccination this winter. “There has been evidence to suggest that [contracting] the flu and COVID-19 at the same time might double a patients’ risk of death”, he says.

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