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Preparing for cold and flu season during COVID-19


Pharmacists can respond to symptoms this cold and flu season and recommend over-the-counter products which may offer relief from symptoms


In the second in a series of two podcasts, C+D speaks with Philip Crilly, a relief community pharmacist and senior lecturer at Kingston University, about the role of pharmacy teams during this cold and flu season.

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With GP surgeries less accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacy teams have been at the forefront of public health, remaining open for face-to-face appointments during lockdown. Mr Crilly says that he “hopes the public now realise the value of pharmacies and the pharmacy team” because pharmacies have proven to be the easiest way to access healthcare advice over the last eight months.

Mr Crilly recaps over-the-counter treatments to help with cold and flu symptoms, emphasising the importance of the pharmacy team making recommendations based on the patient's needs using WWHAM style questioning during the consultation.

You can listen to the first podcast with Philip Crilly on the differential diagnosis of cold and flu and COVID-19 here.

This podcast has been developed in conjunction with Day and Night Nurse.

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