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Substance misuse: dissociative drugs

Substance misuse: dissociative drugs

From this module, you will learn:

  • What a dissociative drug is and how they are used in the UK
  • The way in which dissociative drugs exert their effect 
  • Detailed information about two commonly misused dissociatives, nitrous oxide and ketamine
  • Information on lesser known dissociatives including phencyclidine, dextromethorphan and methoxetamine

This CPD module on misused substances focuses on drugs that are used for their dissociative effects. See C+D’s other CPD modules for information on substance misuse of depressants, image- and performance-enhancing drugs and stimulants.

Download a printable PDF of this module – including the five-minute test – here.

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Defining dissociatives

Dissociation can be defined as the sense of feeling disconnected from yourself and the world around you. It can be

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