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Substance misuse: hallucinogens

Substance misuse: hallucinogens

This CPD module on misused substances focuses on drugs that are used for their hallucinogenic effects. See C+D’s other CPD modules for information on substance misuse of depressantsimage- and performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants and dissociative drugs.

Download a printable PDF of this module – including the five-minute test – here.

From this module, you will learn about:

  • what a hallucinogenic drug is, how they exert their effects and the risks associated with their use
  • detailed information about the two most used hallucinogens, magic mushrooms and LSD
  • some of the less commonly used psychedelic drugs
  • some relevant harm reduction measures for hallucinogenics
Defining hallucinogens

Hallucinogens, also known as psychedelics, are psychoactive substances that interfere with sensory perception. For example, someone’s grasp of auditory or visual stimuli

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