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Threadworm: symptoms, treatment and case study

Threadworm: symptoms, treatment and case study

Threadworm eggs can lodge under the fingernails and be transferred back to the mouth

From this pharmacy CPD module on threadworm you will learn about:

  • What threadworm infection is and who is most likely to be infected
  • The life cycle of the threadworm
  • The symptoms, diagnosis and complications of threadworm infection
  • How threadworm is treated and the hygiene measures patients should follow

Download this module - this includes the 5 minute test - here.

Threadworm infection (Enterobius vermicularis), also known as pinworm, is a common parasitic helminth infection that infests the human gut. In the UK, threadworm is the only common type of worm to live as a parasite in humans.

Although threadworm infections occur most commonly in children, they can affect people of all ages as they can be easily transferred – for example, to parents and caregivers. In addition, the infection is

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