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GPhC registration exam results – what are your next steps?

Thorrun Govind: It has been a really difficult year for prov-regs
Thorrun Govind: It has been a really difficult year for prov-regs

Community pharmacist Thorrun Govind shares her advice on what to do after receiving your registration exam results

C+D’s clinical and custom content editor, Naimah Callachand, spoke to Thorrun Govind, a pharmacist based in north-west England, about the next steps pre- and provisionally registered pharmacists should take upon receiving their General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registration exam results.

The GPhC announced today (April 29) that the pass rate for the March exam had risen to 88.2%, which is a 15.9 percentage point increase on the June 2019 pass rate of 72.3%.

Regardless of the result, Ms Govind emphasises that “it has been a really difficult year” and pre- and prov-reg pharmacists should allow themselves some “compassion” if they have been unsuccessful.

Listen to the podcast to hear Ms Govind discuss:

  • The immediate steps to take – and fees to pay – to join the GPhC register
  • Tips for applying for jobs and considering the “portfolio career” options available
  • Advice for the first day of work as a newly-qualified pharmacist – including not going home with the keys for the controlled drugs cupboard!

If you were unsuccessful:

  • The importance of “taking a break” and reviewing your strategy before taking your next steps
  • The appeals process and who to turn to for support
  • How to keep up your pharmacy knowledge while working towards your next exam

You can listen to the podcast below. Alternatively, follow C+D's podcasts by searching “Chemist+Druggist podcast” on your preferred app or on Soundcloud.

GPhC registration exam results: what are your next steps?

Chemical Mistry, Information Technology

True has completed move out to Law seems very disingeous of the interviewee not to state this maybe only after a couple of years and the poor journalism on the chemist and druggist not to find someone else with long term interests in pharmacy. I know that must be hard!! but I cannot blame her to be honest, and  seems strange people still voted her in recently in the recent elections but than again if you have a good social media profile anything is possible.

Anonymous Anonymous, Information Technology

Your next steps should be to find a job in anything other than pharmacy tbh!

Angela Channing, Community pharmacist

I would second that @ Anon. Law, finance, medicine, anything to maintain a good salary. Sadly you won't find that in pharmacy these days. Even the interviewee is moving over to be a solicitor I believe. Sensible move.

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Embarrassing !! Interviewee is giving advice on 'next steps' but is making a hasty exit from the profession herself. Couldn't make this up !!

Angela Channing, Community pharmacist

Yes Ben, I think I voted for her in the RPS elections because she was so enthusiastic. When that group decides to leave you know the 'profession' is in deep decline.

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