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Pharmacist Graham Phillips at ProLongevity's headquarters in St Albans, Hertfordshire
What is the secret to living a long, healthy life? Pharmacist Graham Phillips, who won the 2020 C+D Health Initiative of the Year Award, dispenses his pills of wisdom
23/07/2021 0
How should you prepare for pharmacokinetic (PK) and estimation of kidney function (EKF) calculation questions in the upcoming General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) exams?
22/07/2021 0
Registrants submitting revalidation records between May 1 and November 30 2021 will only need to submit a reflective account when renewing registration
22/07/2021 0
"We're seeing operators coming back to the market, recognising pharmacy's potential"
From the “flurry” of merger and acquisitions, to the increasing emergence of the “bricks-and-clicks” pharmacy – this C+D podcast considers how the sector performed during COVID-19
21/07/2021 0
Ms McLaughlin and Mr Slaine outside the MEAAP offices in Ballymena, Northern Ireland
The IMPACTAgewell programme’s success at the C+D Awards 2020 shows the future is bright for integrated care working – especially with community pharmacy's involvement
16/07/2021 0
Pharmacies can offer advice on self-management or introduce a private service to treat the issues
Earwax removal is no longer offered by most GPs, so patients are increasingly turning to community pharmacies for advice and treatment. C+D considers how to tap into this market
14/07/2021 0
Kate Grant: "I just wanted to give something back to ladies who I knew had struggled"
Dispenser Kate Grant won Staff Member of the Year at the C+D Awards 2020 for her work in a women’s refuge, as well as helping the homeless and supporting patients to quit smoking
09/07/2021 1
Winning entries are tailored to their category, and give specific examples of success
Former C+D Award winners and judges share the secrets to writing a brilliant awards entry
08/07/2021 0

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