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E.g., 05/07/2022
E.g., 05/07/2022
Mr Panchal: Providing "human contact" to vulnerable patients is "important" part of his role
Delivery driver Sailesh Panchal has told C+D how he encountered “three instances” when he found patients “collapsed” and “one person pass away in...
12/07/2017 4 News
Boots pharmacy sales financial results
Boots' parent company has blamed “negative” pharmacy funding in the UK for its continued drop in sales.
29/06/2017 7 News
Celesio does not expect the number of its pharmacies to change significantly
Lloydspharmacy’s parent company has blamed the category M clawback and funding cuts in England for its "significant" drop in earnings.
26/06/2017 9 News
A pharmacy investment banker said the impact of the funding cuts could be "negated"
High street bank Santander will continue to invest in pharmacies, despite the funding cuts across England, it has told C+D.
22/06/2017 8 News
NPA: Contractors having to pay enhanced NICs for locums would significantly impact costs
The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has secured an amendment to a government tax bill that could have cost the sector “millions”, the association...
16/06/2017 1 News
Scott Hayton: Pharmacy market has showed no signs of slowing down
A High Court judge's rejection of pharmacy's case against the funding cuts will not have a “notable effect” on sales, a leading broker has...
22/05/2017 7 News
PDA Union's Paul Day: Funding cuts may make it harder for employers to protect staff
The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) Union is aware of pharmacies “placating” abusive patients, so as to not lose their business, C+D has...
17/05/2017 10 News
Pharmacy PGD: Our PGDs are no longer valid
The "largest" provider of private patient group directions (PGDs) has closed down without notice, forcing pharmacists to cancel patient...
11/05/2017 7 News
C+D reader: The Sainsbury's branches I have worked in have managed the transition well
C+D readers have shared their experiences – good and bad – of working for Lloydspharmacy, following an allegation of "dangerous working...
21/04/2017 20 News
Numark: The last thing pharmacists need is an additional financial burden
Wholesaler Phoenix UK will not impose a fuel surcharge on any member pharmacies, due to the “financial restraints” they are currently facing.
20/03/2017 0 News