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E.g., 05/07/2022
E.g., 05/07/2022
Locum pharmacists in Scotland have flagged attempts to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to drive down locum rates, the Pharmacists’ Defence...
30/10/2020 16 News
Sixty-one percent of locums surveyed said they are dissatisfied with their pay
The average hourly pay rate for locum pharmacists in the UK is the highest since 2012, having increased 36p since last year, according to the C+D...
03/12/2019 11 News
Hemant Patel: Pharmacist's absence requires locum cover, which is a minimum of £200 per day
A minimum of £3 million is required to fund locum cover for pharmacists to attend monthly primary care network (PCN) engagement meetings, an LPC...
02/12/2019 0 News
Anahita Vakili's (fourth from right) former colleague said she is a conscientious pharmacist
A locum pharmacist will be one of the contestants on the new series of ITV's Love Island, the broadcaster has confirmed.
28/05/2019 37 News
Almost two thirds of respondents said they are dissatisfied with their locum rates
The average hourly pay rate for locum pharmacists across the UK increased 79p in 2018, but most locums remain dissatisfied, according to the latest C...
12/12/2018 6 News
Barbara Maude
The family of former National Association of Women Pharmacists (NAWP) president Barbara Maude has said she was a “proud pharmacist” throughout her...
26/09/2018 0 News
London is the hardest place to secure a locum shift, according to the C+D Salary Survey 2017
Half of locum pharmacists found it more difficult to secure work in community pharmacies over the past year, C+D's Salary Survey 2017 has...
14/12/2017 11 News
The Salary Survey revealed that the average locum rate in Northern Ireland increased by almost £3
The average hourly pay rate for locum pharmacists across the UK has increased slightly for the first time in 10 years – by 34p, according to the C+D...
13/12/2017 22 News
Hunt: Supervision discussions will support more agile pharmacy workforce
Jeremy Hunt has sought to “reassure” a locum pharmacist about rumours that the government will allow pharmacy technicians to legally supervise...
21/08/2017 19 News
GPhC will begin implementing the changes next year
Pharmacists will have to conduct a “peer discussion” once a year as part of General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) proposals for “revalidation”.
25/04/2017 11 News