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E.g., 25/09/2023
E.g., 25/09/2023
The Locum App went from over 1,400 locum profiles to almost 3,000 after winnning a C+D Award
The founder of The Locum App, winner of Online Initiative of the Year at the C+D Awards 2020, talks about why he started the business and how it...
09/06/2021 0 Features
Locums say the increase in rates reflects an increased workload
A minority of locum pharmacists have increased their hourly rates following the COVID-19 outbreak, sparking controversy across the sector
06/04/2020 16 Features
The C+D Salary Survey 2019 found the average UK locum pharmacist rate rose to £21.99 – but 75% reported high levels of stress
05/12/2019 2 Features
Use C+D’s interactive map to see locum pharmacists’ average hourly rate, satisfaction levels and ability to find work across the UK
03/12/2019 1 Features
Decide what rate range you will work within and stick to it
Locum rates vary widely. So how can you ensure you get paid what you deserve?
20/07/2017 10 Features
Average locum rates vary between £13.67 and £23.50 across the UK
Locum rates vary widely across the country. But why and by how much?
17/05/2017 11 Features
Umesh Modi is a chartered accountant and tax advisor
You've seen the headlines, but do you know how the tax changes will impact your income?
29/03/2017 0 Features
Overseeing an ambitious medicines optimisation project took this trainee's entry to the next level.
08/02/2017 0 Features
locum pharmacist
Locums are underpaid, underappreciated and unhappy. So what should change to improve their plight?
14/12/2016 6 Features
Pharmacy accountant Umesh Modi helps contractors determine the status of their staff
10/11/2016 3 Features