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GSK launches denture adhesive Poligrip Cushion and Comfort


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has added Cushion and Comfort denture adhesive to its Poligrip range.

The gel aims to reduce patient discomfort from wearing dentures by forming a protective layer between denture and gum, GSK said.

The tube of the gel has a precision nozzle to aid application of adhesive without wastage, the manufacturer continued.

“When wearing dentures all day, rubbing can leave gums feeling sore and uncomfortable,” GSK said.

“Poligrip Cushion and Comfort gives denture wearers peace of mind that not only do they have a strong and protective fixative, but one that will help keep their gums comfortable throughout the day.”

GSK is promoting the gel through advertising online and in stores.

One 40g tube of Poligrip Cushion and Comfort retails at £3.60.

To order, call 0800 783 8881

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