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Lanes Health rebrand pushes rose-hip compound for joints

Lanes Health has rebranded its supplement for chronic joint conditions to highlight that it contains rose-hip compound GOPO.

The company changed the supplement's name from Litozin Joint Health to GOPO last month, to show it contained a "scientifically proven formula", said Lanes Health.

Clinical trials had shown rose-hip with a level of GOPO (the active compound isolated from rose-hip rosa canina) helped conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in clinical trials, it said.

It is the only UK company to distribute supplements containing GOPO, it added. "With an increasing number of unproven rose-hip based supplements flooding the UK market, we felt it was an opportune time to rebrand and make it easier for consumers who had read about the efficacy of GOPO to find it in-store," said sales and marketing director Dave Cole.

There is no change to the formula of the capsules but the retail price has dropped from £20.42 for 120 capsules to £17.99. A pack of 200 capsules will be £26.99.

For more information, contact Lanes Health on 01452 524012

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