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Lloydspharmacy introduces £310 HPV vaccination in 13 branches

McKesson UK hopes to roll the HPV vaccination out to more stores in 2020
McKesson UK hopes to roll the HPV vaccination out to more stores in 2020

Lloydspharmacy is offering a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in 13 of its branches.

Adolescents aged 12-14 can have their two injections for £155 each, while those aged 15 and above can have the three injections they need for £455, a spokesperson for Lloydspharmacy’s parent company McKesson UK told C+D yesterday (November 27).

McKesson UK hopes “to roll this service out to more stores in 2020”, they added.

Convenient locations

The private service, which was introduced on Monday (November 25), is available from 13 branches located close to universities. It made the decision to launch the service in pharmacies near universities following an increased demand for the vaccine “particularly among young people”, according to Anna Ruthven, head of services at McKesson UK.

The branches are located in Lancashire, South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Leicestershire.

Offering the vaccination in community pharmacies gives customers “the opportunity to get vaccinated at their convenience”, Deep Patel, healthcare services manager at Lloydspharmacy, said.

McKesson UK already offers HPV vaccines from MASTA, its community-based travel clinics across the UK.

Ms Ruthven said that by making the service accessible within its community pharmacies, it hopes that “more people will seek to protect themselves”.

“An opportunity”

Offering the vaccination within community pharmacy is “an opportunity” for Lloydspharmacy “to demonstrate that our pharmacists can play an even bigger role in helping their communities to better manage their health by delivering more services”, Mr Patel said.

Ms Ruthven added that the more trust Lloydspharmacy can build in the service, “the more vaccinations we will be able to administer and the cases of HPV, and more specifically cervical cancer, will continue to fall”.

In October, representatives of the large multiples and smaller chains called on the government to commission community pharmacy to deliver more vaccinations, including HPV.

NHS England is currently considering whether more vaccinations could be delivered by community pharmacists as part of a vaccinations and immunisations review it will publish later this year.

Boots has offered the HPV vaccine for women aged 18-44 since 2009. In 2017, the multiple extended the service to boys and girls aged 12-16.

At the time, the NHS scheme did not include boys aged 12-13, but in September this year it was rolled out to also cover this group.

Do you think all community pharmacies should offer the HPV vaccination?

A LOCUM, Community pharmacist

I totally agree with new services in pharmacies its the future , the problem is the employer will not pay for pharmacist cover whilst you are doing these services. The response i get is 'use your ACT' but the general public come into pharmacies to see the pharmacist not the ACT and how can you accuratley clinical check prescriptions whilst having a needle in your hand and a screaming /fainting child to vaccinate ? In my experience most pharmacists do these services for a while , realise its dangerous practice , then jack it in .

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

You're right. That and the fact that the pharmacist carrying out all these services gets zero remuneration for the privilege.

A LOCUM, Community pharmacist

In addition you have to pay extra indemnity insurance to cover you doing these extra services.Why don't these employers charge a rate wherby the service covers a 2nd pharmacist ? Far too often pricing is far too cheap , its been well documented on this site , but no one listens and its still continuing today .The only way dangerous practices will stop in pharmacy is when someone dies, even then the individual pharmacist will be to blame , not the employer.

Benie Locum, Locum pharmacist

Yes, with the pharmacist's career proudly destroyed by the GPhC on their website under their fake guise of 'protecting the public'.

Snake Plissken, Student

The title is misleading. The vast majority of Patients accessing this service will fall under 15years and above category who will have to pay 455 pounds. Still cheaper than boots though. I believe their PGD only allows vaccination till the age of 44 years. Could be wrong..



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