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PDA seeks trade union recognition to represent Lloyds pharmacists

The PDA Union has filed an application with the CAC
The PDA Union has filed an application with the CAC

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) Union has formally applied to the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) to act on behalf of pharmacists at Lloydspharmacy

The PDA Union filed an application with CAC last week (July 10) for formal recognition by Lloydspharmacy as a trade union. The multiple now has until July 17 to respond to the application, the PDA said yesterday (July 13).

Lloydspharmacy does not have any comment to add at this time, it told  C+D today (July 14).

The legal process the PDA Union is now undertaking must be “preceded by an initial letter to the company asking for recognition”, and the PDA Union said this was submitted at the beginning of February.

“The letter followed an earlier series of discussions between the company and the union about the possibility of recognition,” it added.

“The PDA Union has been inundated with contacts from concerned pharmacists at Lloydsafter the company announced last week that it will shortly commence discussing the possibility of redundancies and contractual change,” the PDA Union said.

“Pharmacists at Lloyds now want a similar agreement to that secured by Boots pharmacists in 2019,” it added.

Last week (July 6), Lloydspharmacy announced that redundancies might have to be made to keep the business viable in “a volatile marketplace” and in the face of COVID-19.

In 2019, 92% of Boots pharmacists who took part in a ballot voted in favour of having their pay, hours and holiday negotiated by the PDA Union, with the first agreement for this to be the case signed by Boots and the PDA Union in July last year.

The PDA Union first asked Boots for formal recognition as a trade union in 2012.

Do you think the PDA Union should represent Lloydspharmacy pharmacists?

Farmer Cyst, Community pharmacist

Get in there PDA, you literally cannot stop these guys, if they want to hold you to account they're going to.


Lloyds are foolish to try and resist the might of the PDA, look at how they humiliated the shoe.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

I really hoped Unions were given more power to combat injustices in companies.

E YMHB, Community pharmacist

Yes. This is our only hope of representation and defense against this proposed changes of contract. Nobody else will. Every pharmacist should be members of the PDA, unless they don not mind seeing their pay or locum  rate reduced, their holiday and sickness entitlement cut. You will find yourself powerless against large corporations like Boots or Lloyds-McKesson. Time to have a united voice.

H W, Community pharmacist

A shame it has taken the threat of redundancies for this to have been actioned

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