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Phoenix rebrands Co-op Health digital platform to 'Hey Pharmacist'

"The ‘Hey’ reinforces the familiar, friendly, and human connection expert health professionals bring"
"The ‘Hey’ reinforces the familiar, friendly, and human connection expert health professionals bring"

Rowlands’ owner Phoenix UK has rebranded the Co-op Health digital platform to “Hey Pharmacist”, as it outlines ambitions for a new app and a collection and delivery service.

Phoenix UK – Rowlands’ and Numark’s parent company – announced the acquisition of the Co-op Health platform in March, which it completed in April, a spokesperson told C+D today (July 21).

The rebranded platform will help Numark members compete with distance-selling pharmacies, by equipping members with an “end-to-end online repeat prescription proposition”, Phoenix UK said in a statement this morning.

Hey Pharmacist – which launched this month – will offer patients the convenience of buying online “with access to local pharmacy – reinforcing the link between the patient and their local healthcare professional”, according to Phoenix UK.

Phoenix UK’s plans for Hey Pharmacist

By October this year – and following a trial period commencing in August – Phoenix UK hopes that the platform will allow Numark members to offer a collection service and provide them with the support to actively encourage patients to use the online services.

Phoenix UK also said that, by March 2022, the Hey Pharmacist platform will also let members offer both a collection and delivery service, “and have full visibility and management of orders and the patient journey”.

A national marketing campaign will help drive patients to the online service, Phoenix UK added.

Numark managing director Jeremy Meader said: “The transition from Co-op Health to Hey Pharmacist is the beginning of our roadmap of ongoing development that will allow our members to compete in the online pharmacy space, retaining that essential line of communication between patient and pharmacist – a winning combination.” 

“The new brand is full of personality,” Mr Meader added. The ‘Hey’ “reinforces the familiar, friendly, and human connection that expert health professionals bring”, Phoenix UK said in a statement.

Mr Meader continued: “We wanted to make sure human connection shone through alongside digital ease and convenience.

“We look forward to relaunching the app and supporting our members in taking this exciting digital proposition to the next level.”

Does your pharmacy have an app?

Alexander Dale, Dispenser Manager/ Dispensing Assistant

So now we can be expected to be treated with as much respect as a virtual assistant; 'hey pharmacist, play despacito'. Brilliant.

JOHN HILL, Allocation & Distribution

Just substitute Car for Pharmacist,


Richard Judge, Manager



Getting Shorter, Community pharmacist

Hard to put into words just how disrespectful this is; the certain sort of customer who shouts across the shelves no matter what you're doing.

On the bright side, I guess it could have been "Oi! Pharmacist"

JP M, Sales

So what happens to the patients that were using the app previously? Do they now belong to Rowlands?

Angry Pharmacist, Community pharmacist

Can they use the word pharmacist for a company name? I thought this was not allowed by the Gphc?

Mr E Rash, Community pharmacist

Surely they have considered it beforehand...?

Paul Dishman, Pharmaceutical Adviser

Not sure I’d want to be addressed as ‘Hey!’

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