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Well launches ‘comfort zones’ to help people cope with social anxiety

Anxiety sufferers can use the consultation rooms to contact a support service or talk to a friend
Anxiety sufferers can use the consultation rooms to contact a support service or talk to a friend

Well has opened its consultation rooms as “comfort zones” for anyone who feels overwhelmed after the loosening of social distancing restrictions on July 19.

Comfort zones are accessible in 750 Well pharmacies and are aimed at those who might feel a sense of unease after 'Freedom Day', when most of the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in England.

The multiple has partnered with former England football captain and mental health advocate Terry Butcher to support people suffering from social anxiety.

Consultation rooms will double up as comfort zones

Well is offering its private consultation rooms as somewhere for anxiety sufferers to get away from crowds, contact a support service, or talk to a friend or family member.

The multiple is also sharing advice via a mini booklet, which also signposts people to relevant support services they may choose to use.

Mr Butcher said: “While most of us are very excited to be getting back to a sort of normality, there is no doubt that mixing with lots of people again and the return to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, can seem very daunting.”

In the past, I have suffered from anxiety in some social situations, and I know how helpful it can be to just take some time out in a comfortable, safe space. A bit of quiet time and maybe a friendly chat can make all the difference,” he continued.

Comfort zones access in high street pharmacies

Well operations director Louis Purchase said that, as social distancing “has become the norm over the last year,” it is understandable “that some people would feel anxious at the thought of being in crowded places again.”

“For people who suffer from social anxiety, the idea of being away from the comfort zone of their own home can be daunting.

“We hope that those affected will feel more confident leaving their homes, in the knowledge that there are comfort zones located across so many high streets across the UK,” Mr Purchase added.

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