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Dr Qi explains the importance and benefits of personalised medicines
How can 3D printing improve medicines adherence and improve drug efficiency for patients with complex chronic conditions?
01/06/2021 0 Features
Jane Lambert: Pharmacists have been essential to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout
Nurse Jane Lambert tells C+D some of the common injection technique mistakes healthcare professionals make when giving COVID-19 vaccinations
19/05/2021 1 Features
Members of the new RPS national boards: (clockwise from top left) Paul Summerfield, Thorrun Govind, Mike Maguire, Claire Anderson, Erutase Oputu, Alisdair Jones and Omolola Dabiri (Credit: C+D/Twitter)
With the newly elected Royal Pharmaceutical Society board members announced last week, there are familiar faces as well as new ones. What are their hopes for the next three years?
17/05/2021 3 Features
"Pharmacists have a role to play in the long-COVID health crisis"
Brain fog, listlessness and headaches are just a few of the symptoms experienced by a hospital pharmacist in her fight against long-COVID
12/05/2021 0 Features
PureGym offered all their sites up for the COVID-19 vaccination programme effort
Three pharmacies have been making the most of vacant gyms, sports clubs and a dance studio to provide COVID-19 vaccines
07/05/2021 0 Features
Thorrun Govind: It has been a really difficult year for prov-regs
Community pharmacist Thorrun Govind shares her advice on what to do after receiving your registration exam results
29/04/2021 5 Features
C+D is holding a Big Debate on hub-and-spoke dispensing on its Community platform on April 29
As the DH looks towards rolling out hub-and-spoke across community pharmacy, C+D looks back at how the sector’s attitude towards the dispensing model has changed over the years
28/04/2021 14 Features
An ICS launched in Somerset officially in December 2020
Somerset LPC tells C+D how it forged bonds with its ICS through years of working with PCNs and CCGs
23/04/2021 0 Features
What is the best method to approach pharmacoeconomic calculation questions?
22/04/2021 0 Features
Nat Mitchell's pharmacy-led hub received approval to administer vaccines in mid-March
One pharmacy in Cumbria explains in a C+D podcast how it refused to give up its mission to create a COVID-19 vaccine service despite four months of delays
21/04/2021 0 Features