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Pre-regs must remember to apply the advice they are giving to patients to themselves
Although this is a pressurised period for pre-registration pharmacists, the postponement of the assessment is an opportunity for personal development
21/04/2020 0 Features
Mohammed Faisal Din says he has struggled to source Clenil inhalers
One pharmacy in Manchester has been dispensing sertraline at a “massive loss” since the outbreak of COVID-19
16/04/2020 16 Features
Some pharmacies report that patient demand for medicines has tripled
Pharmacies across England are questioning their future after seeing a surge of demand from panicked patients following the COVID-19 outbreak
09/04/2020 3 Features
There will be a second wave of unprecedented demand on community pharmacies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Avicenna chair Salim Jetha.
08/04/2020 2 Features
Locums say the increase in rates reflects an increased workload
A minority of locum pharmacists have increased their hourly rates following the COVID-19 outbreak, sparking controversy across the sector
06/04/2020 8 Features
Beth Kennedy: Checking script exemptions is unnecessary bureaucracy during the crisis
In a letter to health minister Matt Hancock, C+D editor Beth Kennedy makes the case for England’s prescription charge to be put on hold during the COVID-19 crisis
01/04/2020 6 Features
One patient smashed a pharmacy window in London after being asked to queue outside
Pharmacy teams reveal escalating levels of abuse from patients during the COVID-19 outbreak
27/03/2020 6 Features
The evidence behind whether face masks can stop viral spread is mixed
Public Health England (PHE) does not recommend the public wear protective face masks, but pharmacy teams can share their effective use with those who ignore that advice
23/03/2020 3 Features
Brierfield Pharmacy, Lancashire was in a deprived area. Credit: © 2020 Google, image capture: May 2019
Almost one in five (18%) of the pharmacies that have closed most recently served patients in the highest areas of deprivation, a C+D investigation reveals
12/03/2020 1 Features
Contractor Graham Phillips says underfunding prevented investment in service development
A pharmacy was forced to close after the funding cuts made it impossible to continue, reflecting the uncertain future of its group
05/03/2020 27 Features