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Community pharmacists must be recognised for their invaluable work, which we need during the COVID-19 pandemic more than ever before, says A&E doctor Logan McCallan
22/04/2020 3 Views
Contractors have a legal obligation to take steps to ensure the health and safety of employees as best they can during the COVID-19 outbreak, says solicitor Rachel Warren
20/04/2020 2 Views
Community pharmacies could face legal claims arising from the actions of altruistic NHS Volunteer Responders delivering their medicines, says lawyer Andrea James
17/04/2020 6 Views
Checking patient prescription exemption claims is an unnecessary burden on pharmacy teams in England during the COVID-19 pandemic, says Mike Hewitson
15/04/2020 4 Views
Deferring the June and September pharmacy pre-registration exams was the only viable option for candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic, says Khalid Khan
14/04/2020 2 Views
Having NHS volunteers deliver medicines is not straightforward, so legal expert David Reissner suggests a statement for them to sign to ensure things run as smoothly as possible
07/04/2020 1 Views
NHS England’s plan for well-meaning volunteers to deliver medicines for pharmacies puts patients’ lives at risk, says Mike Hewitson
07/04/2020 14 Views
The government must take action to ensure community pharmacies survive the COVID-19 pandemic, says contractor Stuart Gale
03/04/2020 5 Views
Pharmacists are war-weary from handling the impact of COVID-19 but their efforts may finally earn them recognition, says Laura Buckley
02/04/2020 6 Views
Deprescribing medicines is an important aspect of palliative care that has scope for pharmacist involvement, says GP Toni Hazell
01/04/2020 8 Views