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C+D spoke to MP Kevin Barron earlier this week at a parliamentary event on self care
16/07/2016 0 Video
Deputy features editor Beth Kennedy talks about what current locum rates reveal about the sector
08/07/2016 0 Video
Now the funding consultation has closed, chief executive Rob Darracott lays out the next steps
17/06/2016 0 Video
Lawyer Tim Jenkins explores some of the repercussions of leaving or remaining in Europe
13/06/2016 0 Video
RPS president responds to poll showing half of readers worry GP pharmacists will divert funding
02/06/2016 9 Video
Pharmacy London's Rekha Shah tells patients how the cuts will affect the capital
24/05/2016 0 Video
<p>Chair Mark Koziol&nbsp;speaks&nbsp;to C+D about what has happened since <em>the Guardian</em> article</p>
17/05/2016 10 Video
Chief executive Rob Darracott explains why the service should be "re-energised"
27/04/2016 12 Video