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The ABPI's medicines optimisation lead Harriet Lewis on helping patients with their medicines
22/04/2016 2 Video
Lawyer Noel Wardle explains what you need to take into account
15/04/2016 1 Video
North-east London LPC secretary Hemant Patel counters GP concerns over pharmacy flu schemes
08/04/2016 0 Video
<p>Clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart discusses how financial incentives for prescribers have&nbsp;reduced avoidable antibiotic prescribing</p>
02/04/2016 0 Video
<p><span style="font-size:14px;">What does this week's&nbsp;Budget mean for contractors?&nbsp;Senior Reporter Samuel Horti takes a look</span></p>
18/03/2016 0 Video
The 6% cut to pharmacy funding has caused a "lot of uncertainty", says Umesh Modi
04/03/2016 7 Video
Zohib Sheikh reflects on the growth of his pharmacy – and how it's got local multiples worried
03/03/2016 0 Video
RPS president Ash Soni says the organisation will come at the funding plans "from a different angle"
26/02/2016 33 Video
Senior reporter Samuel Horti discusses the pharmacy bodies' responses to government funding cuts
19/02/2016 0 Video
Wholesaling representative Martin Sawer: The dispensing model will not make savings for "many years"
11/02/2016 8 Video