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What are the biggest challenges facing pharmacy technicians?


Attaining the best skills to meet patient needs and defining the technician's role in the wider pharmacy team are the biggest challenges facing the profession today, the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK's (APTUK) president has said.

Pharmacist and technician roles will have to be better defined to meet changing patient needs, said Tess Fenn, speaking exclusively to C+D at the APTUK's conference in Cardiff last week (July 3).

There are "incidences where pharmacy technicians are more than able to make effective decisions", Ms Fenn pointed out.

The APTUK is encouraged that more technicians are gaining positions in GP surgeries and care homes, she added. The challenge for the membership body is to make sure technicians are fully "equipped" to meet the requirements of these – and any future – roles.

Watch the video below for more on what Ms Fenn considers to be the greatest challenges facing the profession.


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