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How hub-and-spoke dispensing could work for independents


Numark's managing director John D'Arcy explains how – with a few adjustments – a hub-and-spoke model might work for independents.

Speaking exclusively to C+D at the Numark conference in Cape Town this morning (March 6), Mr D'Arcy explained that while there is not a "legally workable solution" for independents just yet, an amended hub-and-spoke model could allow pharmacists to provide more "professional services".

Watch the video for more details.

Annabelle Collins is C+D's deputy news editor. Catch up with all of her coverage from the Numark conference in Cape Town with C+D's Storify here


Jatin Morjaria, Community pharmacist

Everyone is focusing on the "efficiencies" whilst forgetting the end user-yes, the patient- medicines are not "commodities" and we are not amazon-we provide an end user service that is personal, individual and confiedntial. Yes and it requires adequate funding at a local level-it seems that all the organisations are gunning for the big boys whilst igonoring the independent pharmacist who is providing a much personal service and feels very much unappriciated- always the "lacky" in the the big scheme of things.

Dave Downham, Manager

Cape Town!!

Valentine Trodd, Community pharmacist

This can only be bad for pharmacy - pharmacists will be out of a job and 'cost efficiences' will end up in the back pockets of the service providers. Not so long ago John was calling hub and spoke 'money down a black hole' if I remember correctly.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Do you think John is planning something?

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